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  • Our business model is as follows:  We treat you the passenger as though you were your own travel agent.  We pay you the amount that a travel agent would usually receive in commissions if they were doing the research on, and booking the cruise or tour for you.  Since you are expected to do your own investigation and research, (sweat equity), we return to you that amount, in the form of a reduction in price on your booking that under usual circumstances, the travel agent would receive as commissions.

  • Click on "Request a Quote or Booking", complete the form and submit.  We will provide you with information and a confirmation on your request, including the amount we would save you as part of the price.   Once the cruise or tour is booked, we will manage the booking as a professional travel agency, advise you on any issues you might have regarding the trip, and make every effort to insure your trip is seamless, enjoyable and a vacation to remember.

  • Some vendors do not allow travel agencies to reduce or discount the pricing on their cruises or tours and in those cases we will find alternative opportunities to insure you receive (Our Usual and) best prices available for your specific cruise or tour.

We guarantee that you will save up to 10% or more on all cruise prices.
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